Partner Suppliers

Partner Suppliers we work with to ensure we give you the best possible service and products.


Operating around the globe, Staples is the world’s largest office products company as well as being the second largest online retailer. Their huge purchasing power allows them to offer thousands of products and services suitable for any size of business. The company’s holistic approach to business aims to make a positive impact on their associates, communities and the planet whilst recognising the close connection between these impacts and financial success.

Staples ambitions of leading the way in sustainable business practises is achieved through a continued focus on sourcing more sustainable products, as well as maximising their energy efficiency and renewable energy use and improving levels of recycling, to eliminate waste going to landfill.

Appliances Online

Aiming to make the sometimes confusing world of appliances simpler and easy to understand, Appliances Online offer every appliance you could ever need in your home. Expert advice is available from specialists, as well as helpful buying guides and a comparison tool to compare two models head-to-head. Choosing more efficient models is something Appliances Online strive to help their customers with, as they can really help cut down your energy bills. Discover how energy efficient an appliance is with energy labels showing you what energy saving features an appliance has and make use of their recycling service to dispose of your old appliances safely and with consideration for the environment.

Tango Group

Tango Group Limited offer products that provide solutions used in everyday life, but only if they have green or ethical credentials. Innovative ideas and concepts that have genuine environmental benefits form the basis of their product range, working closely with many renewable energy brands.

They are dedicated to developing and distributing alternative energy products to help you reduce your overall impact on the environment as well as becoming more resource and energy efficient.

Straight PLC

Straight PLC operate in the waste and recycling sector aiming to implement lasting changes and make a difference that will impact the whole waste sector, as well as the environment itself. They supply inventive, high-quality waste and recycling solutions in order to help customers dramatically reduce their environmental impact. Products are available for every element of the domestic and commercial waste streams, including a range offering the opportunity to help improve resource efficiency. The company are also active within the community with two decades of experience in implementing recycling programmes and a team with extensive experience in managing complex projects.


This innovative product was first manufactured and sold in 2005, before going on to be a great success throughout the world. Inventor and owner of the company, Wendy Brodie, invested her life savings in the manufacturing and marketing of the Bodyflik due to her concerns about the environmental impact of the amount of towels she washed and dried for her family each week. After winning several awards including ‘Female Inventor of the Year’, Wendy’s invention is sold worldwide and aims to reduce our washing loads to save water, electricity and carbon dioxide emissions.

The Lighting People (Greenstock)

Having been involved in the lighting industry for over 15 years, Greenstock Lighting have built up the technical expertise and customer support required to supplying lighting products to users and resellers worldwide. With a focus on long life and energy saving products, customers can save energy on their lighting needs, with custom manufactured solutions to match your exact requirements as well as simple bulbs for your home.

Living Naturally Ltd

Living Naturally Ltd are a family run business who, following the success of using natural products in the home to alleviate skin conditions such as eczema, believe in what they sell to make a difference not only to our health, but the environment too. Offering a 100% natural alternative to chemical laundry detergent and cleansers with no commercial manufacturing processes, their range of ‘Soapnut’ products are easy on the carbon footprint and are 100% sustainable and biodegradable.