Environmental Policy


Carbon Action Limited exists to promote sustainable and environment conscious alternatives to conventional home and business practices. Sustainability is at the heart of what we do, however we recognise that our operations will inevitably have an impact on the local, regional and global environment.

We are committed to both reducing our own, and helping others reduce their energy and natural resources use, and the amount of waste created.

As well as a clear moral obligation, there is a sound business case for good environmental management. It can help us reduce costs and meet the expectations of our customers and employees. Many customers include environmental performance as criteria in their procurement process.

Product Sustainability

  • We carefully consider the environmental impacts of our product ranges and ensure that we stock the most efficient choices.
  • We offer products which demonstrate clear advantages in reduced environmental impact and increased sustainability.

Environmental Information

  • We offer clear and informed advice to our customers on the environmental impact of all of the company’s product ranges.
  • Make no unsubstantiated claims for environmental qualities or sustainability. Ensure that, as far as possible, all environmental information disseminated by the company is in line with the current state of knowledge.

Waste Reduction in our Offices

  • As part of our continuing drive to save paper, we encourage employees to print less and limit the number of colour printouts if printing is needed.
  • All office waste is segregated into three waste streams: paper and cardboard; cans and plastic bottles; and general waste.

Paperless Billing

  • We ensure that our customers can only receive their bills on line through our ecommerce system, reducing the amount of paper used by us.

Environmental Policy

  • We endeavour to keep our employees informed of the company’s environment policy and of the environmental implications of their actions within the workplace. The company’s environmental aims and objectives are also communicated to Energy Saving Warehouses customers, partners and suppliers.